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Phänomenologie als Erste Philosophie und das Problem der »Wissenschaft von der Lebenswelt«

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DOI: 10.28937/9783787336715_7
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In this essay, I first present Husserl’s project of phenomenology as first philosophy, its meaning and its scope. My second intention in this text is to lay out the project of the »science of the lifeworld«. But my intention is not merely exegetical; instead, I want to show how both projects hang together systematically. Clarifying this project is a special lacuna in Husserl scholarship as well as in phenomenology and in the reception of Husserl’s thought in general. Scholars typically either see the science of the lifeworld as a »hermeneutical« project, disregarding its transcendental underpinnings; or they stick to Husserl’s trans-cendental considerations in conjunction with his focus on subjectivity, ignoring the lifeworld. By showing how both projects belong together I rectify an erroneous Husserl image, and demonstrate how the lifeworld can be a topic within transcendental philosophy.