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Über das Verhältnis von Epagoge, Paradeigma und Galle bei Aristoteles

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DOI: 10.28937/9783787336746_2
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This paper pursues two objects which are partially interfering: (1) to study the relation between the different defi nitions of both παρáδειγμα and 'παγυγ given by Aristotle in Topics, Rhetorics, and Analytica Priora, (2) to clarify the relation between the definition of 'παγυγ and the example Aristotle offers in Analytica Priora. Both the corresponding defi nitions in relation to each other and the defi nition in relation to the example show some incompatibilities. Theproblems concerning the defi nitions may be solved by understanding them as adapted to the context; whereas I suppose the deviation of the example from thedefi nition to be simply a mistake. (The paper does not elaborate the epistemic, but the formal status of παρáδειγμα and 'παγυγ.)