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Phenomenology without Foundations = Pragmatism?

Or: What is Left of Phenomenology After a Pragmatic Critique

Zurück zum Heft: Phänomenologische Forschungen 2019-2: Phenomenology and Pragmatism
DOI: 10.28937/1000108361
EUR 16,90

This essay attempts to spell out what might be left of Husserlian phenomenology when one leaves behind Husserl’s own grounding ambitions. Husserl construes transcendental phenomenology as first philosophy. In a pragmatist vein of leaving it behind in the interest of something other, I discuss what would happen if one were to ‘pragmatize’ phenomenology. After first laying out Husserl’s vision, in a second part I reconstruct the motives that led to it in reaction to a ‘Cartesian anxiety’ of not securing an indubitable ground of knowledge. After that, the article spells out some pragmatic reflections on what phenomenology would be, without the need to secure foundations of knowledge. Such a liberation would in effect enable phenomenology to more fully make true on the ideals of the Enlightenment (which Rorty, too, underwrites) of emancipating oneself of one of the last vestiges of a dogmatic slumber.