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›Nus‹ bei Aristoteles und bei Hegel

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DOI: 10.28937/9783787336739_2
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The following study should be considered as a contribution to the understanding of both Hegel’s interpretation of Aristotle’s concept of νος and Hegel’sown concept of subjectivity as principle of self-knowledge in his theoretic writings. Its starting point is a closer examination of the famous quotation from Aristotle’s Metaphysics Lambda 7 which can be found at the end of the Berlin Enzyklopädie. Hegel himself gives a thorough discussion of Aristotle’s metaphysicsin his Vorlesungen zur Geschichte der Philosophie which should be regarded as the main source of Hegel’s understanding of Aristotelian νος. Hegel’s interpretation of Aristotle’s concepts of νος and unmoved mover in the Vorlesungen are critically discussed in this study, and the importance of the principles ofδúναμις and νéργεια for Hegel’s own understanding of »Sich selbst Denken« (self-knowledge) of the spirit is analysed in detail. Thereby, the different sensesof ›subjectivity‹ Hegel’s own theory includes are defi ned and differentiated. However, their interrelation remains unclear.