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›History of Ideas‹ – Revisited

Zur Erinnerung an Karlfried Gründer (1928–2011)

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DOI: 10.28937/9783787336715_9
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Apart from the main source for the concept ›history of ideas‹ which is related to Arthur O. Lovejoy, new aspects appeared which lightened up the history of the concept a bit further. Lovejoy’s own teacher, William James and also his intellectual forerunner Charles S. Peirce obviously played a role for the formation of the concept. Another, hitherto unknown source can be found in the works of Herbert G. Wells, explicitely in his 1920 edition for the British reader in which he states: »Human history is in essence a history of ideas« (p. 596,col. 2). From here the article follows the further use and development of the concept by British (R.G. Collingwood, I. Berlin), American and European scholars.