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Europa ­- ein Appellbegriff

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DOI: 10.28937/9783787336807_6
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»Europe« is a concept with a referent that has been an object of much contention. This is not a side effect of its usage but rather the vcry propcrty of this concept. In the introductory paragraphs it is made clear that some terms or concepts can be reduced to the mere appeal or postulate of what they are supposed to denote. Considering the examples of Thomas Mann, Ernst Robert Curtius, Jan Patocka and others, it is shown that the concept of Europe serves conflicting geographical, intellectual and political purposes, none of which gives a full meaning to it. Tue only common denominator is, indeed, that it calls for action, as Europe is continuously pcrceived as an >Cntity< which is endangered from outside and, even more, by seif annihilation.