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Begriffsforschung im interdisziplinären Kontext

Neuansätze einer Methode. Zweiter Teil

Zurück zum Heft: Archiv für Begriffsgeschichte. Band 63,2
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This second part of Begriffsforschung im Interdisziplinären Kontext places the project of criteriological conceptual research in relation to various disciplinary discourses, each of which has developed its own forms and conceptions of conceptual research. The aim of discussing them comparatively is to make visible points of connections and to name transitions. By collating central theorems and text passages from the discourses of philosophical conceptual analysis, cognitive linguistics, and Begriffsgeschichte, the contours of experimental conceptual research emerge. It views concepts neither merely as empirical phenomena nor from an ontological, logical, or conceptual-engineering point of view, but from the perspective of empirically open, world-opening practices, in short: from the point of view of research.