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Was unterscheidet λη von ποκεíμενον?

Zur Problematik zweier Aristotelischer Grundbegriffe

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DOI: 10.28937/9783787336753_2
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The aim of this essay is to grasp the difference between two concepts typical of Aristotle, λη (matter, material, but also an entity which lacks shape and concretion) and ποκεíμενον (substance, logical subject as well as material). λη and ποκεíμενον express eo ipso, essentially and always a relation. These two concepts have – already since Bonitz’ times – been interpreted very controversially. The relevant literature of research (from the middle of the 19th century untiltoday) is therefore thoroughly expounded in the essay. Because Aristotle determines the substance (οσíα) in its relation to the accidental characteristics, butalso the in λη its relation to the conceptually comprehensible form (ε*δος) and also to the feature of concrete defi niteness (τóδε τι) by means of the ποκεíμενονitself, the following result ensues: ποκεíμενον is broader in its range of meaning than λη.