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Ursprünge des Ausdrucks ›Das Logische‹ beim frühen Hegel

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DOI: 10.28937/9783787336722_6
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The article analyses Hegel’s use of the expression ›das Logische‹ in the Encyclopaedia Logic and its origins in the Logic of Jena Systementwürfe II. My thesis is that the use of the expression reveals the typically Hegelian view of the identity of logic and metaphysics. As Hegel himself underlines in the Encyclopaedia, while the more canonical expression ›die Logik‹ primarily refers to the discipline and its methods, ›das Logische‹ refers to the object, to say the thematic field, of the discipline. This perfectly complies with Hegel’s conception according to which concepts are not only instruments and forms but also objects and contents. In the Jena fragments Hegel repeatedly uses a particular declination of the expression ›das Logische‹, namely: ›das Dialektische‹. This shows in my point of view that the Jena logic is already conceived as metaphysics, and that dialectics is the very core of the identity of logic and metaphysics.