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Selbstdifferenz in Praktiken

Phänomenologie, Anthropologie und die korporale Differenz

Zurück zum Heft: Phänomenologische Forschungen 2017-2
DOI: https://doi.org/10.28937/1000107736
EUR 16,90

The materiality of bodies is crucial for establishing theories of practice. To unfold the ‘black box’ of the performing body some theorists have implemented the difference between the lived body and the material body (Leib/Kçrper) in practice theory. This corporeal difference finds one systematic origin in phenomenology. It has come under attack for naturalising and subjectivising the lived body as a primordial category, and thus being unable to integrate to practice theory. It will be argued that critics can be refuted insofar as the corporeal difference is taken serious as a bodily experienced difference which is never to be reduced to some kind of objectivity.