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DOI: 10.28937/9783787336814_5
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The article deals with one of the generally accepted basic human rights: freedom of speech. In the course of its history it was, nevertheless, always disputed.This can already be recognized in the genesis of the concept from its two Greek roots: isegoria and parrhesia. So, from about the 6th century b.C. there existed two rivalling notions, one expression with a negative, the other with a positive connotation. The way of the concept through its history showed content and relating expressions again and again being under pressure, especially from the ruling political instances. On the way becoming a generally acknowledged concept amongst individual human rights the discussion during the time of the French Revolution and then its final ranking as a law in the First Amendment to the American Constitution in 1792 were landmarks. The role of freedom of speech as a highly valued human right is still discussed today on the one hand under the perspective of growing globalization, on the other hand because it is difficult to give foolproof reasons for its existence.