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Geschichte als Grenzproblem

Zum metaphysischen Horizont der Frage nach dem Ursprung der Geometrie

Zurück zum Heft: Phänomenologische Forschungen 2022-1
DOI: 9783787343188_5
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This paper aims to bring a hidden “metaphysical” horizon in Husserl’s famous text “The Origin of Geometry” to light. This will be achieved in three steps: first, by analyzing the two essential manners in which the problem of history is thematized in this text, namely, both as a “basic problem” and as a “limit problem”; second, by highlighting the direct connection of this twofold problematization of history to Husserl’s own concept of metaphysics; and third, by exploring the relation between the “metaphysical” limit-problem of history implicit in the “Geometry” text and the explicit historical reflections in the Crisis itself. In so doing, Husserl’s concept of metaphysics, which remains largely unknown, and the thematization of history as a “limit problem” in phenomenology, which gives expression to the fundamental engagement of phenomenology in history, can be illuminated through each other.