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Betriebsgeheimnisse der »Pädagogischen Provinz« in Goethes Wanderjahren

Back to issue: ZMK Zeitschrift für Medien- und Kulturforschung 1/1/2010: Kulturtechnik
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Since the times of Rousseau, education has repeatedly been put forward as a parallel world detached from the state. This insistence on an autonomous education system disregards not only that the imaginary parallel world disaffiliates itself from the state, but that it is disposed indeed, to supplant it. It is a natural consequence of the self-perpetuating dynamic of the term education, emancipated since the time of Rousseau, that, under the exigency of the separation of State and education, that very State's logic is frequently reproduced, which, in the name of autonomous education, one had presumed to counteract. The essay pursues this dynamic force by means of the conception of a Pedagogic Province, in Goethe's 'Wanderjahren', which, in itself portrays a sort of miniature State, in which goods are produced by people having a coherent life-style.