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Der Eigentlichere Zeus

Die Begriffsgeschichte des Göttlichen in Hölderlins Spätwerk

Back to issue: Archiv für Begriffsgeschichte. Band 65,2
DOI: 10.28937/9783787345557_6
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The essay endeavours to illustrate Hölderlin’s reconciliation of myth and reason through his Notes on the Antigone (Anmerkungen zur Antigonä). The central thesis posits that Hölderlin employs a conceptual-historical method to contemplate the varied epochal manifestations of the divine. This thesis is reinforced through an analysis of Hölderlin’s conception of ›Zeus.‹ In the Notes, ›Zeus‹ symbolizes the divine or the infinite, embodying the protector of human finitude against the forces of hostile nature. Hölderlin chooses vivid, innovative terms to articulate the divine as it traverses different epochs and worlds of life. Consequently, it is argued that Hölderlin’s creation of novel terms reflects a hermeneutic response to ongoing transitions rather than arbitrary choices. Ultimately, Hölderlin maintains the precedence of history over stable concepts, with conceptual transformations mirroring those of actual historical processes.