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Walter Robert Corti (Hg.)

The Philosophy of William James (antiquarisch)

Herausgegeben von Walter Robert Corti
1976. 397 Seiten.
978-3-7873-0352-6. Kartoniert
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"Mängelexemplar" aus unserem Hausantiquariat in gutem Zustand. Nur wenige Exemplare verfügbar!

This book contains the papers of the Fourth Seminar in American Philosophy, that was held in Winterthur, Switzerland, September 3-7, 1973. The subject of the seminar was the Philosophy of William James, which can be described as pragmatism.
James himself understood by it "a new name for old ways of thinking" and put life, practise and action in the centre of his thinking - not the thinking itself as he regarded it as a "new" achievement in the developement of mankind.

The titles of the papers, presented at the seminar, are the following:
- William James and the Open Universe (Van Meter Ames)
- James' Cerebral Dichotomy (V. Donald Oliver)
- William James and the Specious Present (David L. Miller)
- A Metaphysics of Relations: James' Anticipation of Contemporary Experience (John J. McDermott)
- A Critical Appraisal of Jame's View of Causality (Edward H. Madden/ Peter H. Hare)
- A Pragmatic Concept of Causation (Elisabeth R. Eames)
- Percept and Concept in William James (Keith R. David)
- On William James' "Radical Empiricism" (Gustav Emil Mueller)
- The Meaning of Thruth in William James (S. Morris Eames)
- The Unity of Knowledge and Purpose in James' View of Action (Elisabeth F. Flower)
- The Self in William James' Psychology (Felicia Czerwionka)
- James and the Problem of Intersubjectivity (George Francis Cronk)
- Notes on the Search for a Moral Philosophy in William James (Abraham Edel)
- William James' Theory of Education (John Albin Broyer)
- William James and Contemporary Religious Thought: The Problem of Evil (John K. Roth)
- Eight Spotlights on "The Will to Believe" by William James (Hans F. Geyer)
- William James and his Father: A Study in Characterology (Gérard Deledalle)
- The Relation between James an Whitehead (Victor Lowe)
- An Appreciation of William James: Philosopher, Psychologist and Educator (Mohammed Fahdel Jamali)
- Healthy Minds with Sick Souls (Herbert W. Schneider)