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Felix Meiner – founded in Leipzig in 1911 and being located in Hamburg since 1951 – is one of Germany's leading academic publishers specialized in the field of philosophy. At the centre of Meiner's publishing activity stands the Philosophical Library (Philosophische Bibliothek, PhB), a series which dates from 1868. Since then, the series has expanded constantly with the addition of new or revised editions offering improved texts, established according to the changing state of philological research. At present around 450 texts from 2400 years of philosophical history are available.

In addition, Meiner publishes the complete works and historical critical editions of different thinkers. Among those are the works and the Nachlass of Ernst Cassirer, the Academic editions of the works of G.W.F. Hegel and Nicolaus of Cusa, the works of F.H. Jacobi, the works of Josef Pieper and the Corpus Philosophorum Teutonicorum Medii Aevi.

In the field of academic monographs Meiner also publishes historical and systematic works on philosophy and innovative models of philosophical investigation. The most important series include the "Blaue Reihe", the "Cassirer-Studies", the "Kant-Studies", the "Studies on the 18th Century" and the "Paradeigmata". Rounding out its program, Meiner also publishes periodicals as for instance the "Hegel-Studien", the "Archiv für Begriffsgeschichte" and the "Deutsches Jahrbuch Philosophie".

In the year 1992, Meiner expanded by taking over Helmut Buske Publishers, a publishing company specialized in linguistics and foreign-language textbooks. Since then, Buske has expanded constantly. Both publishing companies are economically independent and are run today as a family concern in the fourth generation. About 1.500 titles are available at Felix Meiner Publishers; the backlist of Helmut Buske comprises about 800 titles. The total number of new editions of both companies amounts up to 70 - 80 per annum.

Please take a closer look at the chronology if you are interested in a more detailed account of the history of the publishing house.