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Der paradoxe Ort der Diskursanalyse 

Zurück zum Heft: Zeitschrift für Kulturphilosophie 2014/1: Genesis, Geltung und Geschichte
DOI: https://doi.org/10.28937/1000106665
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How can the friction between genesis and validity be understood? Is it possible to »dissolve« it? This paper argues that the genesis/validity-problem reflects the fundamental epistemological differences between History and Philosophy, and it takes Michel Foucault’s »Archeology« as a model case for this problem. Since Foucault’s »archaeological« methodology, i.e. his discourse analysis, is deeply affected by these tensions, I will show, firstly, that the epistemological model for Foucault’s anti-hermeneutical and genealogical approach was rooted not in philosophy, but in medicine, especially in anatomy. Secondly, I will argue that the »paradoxical«position of discourse analysis, in Foucault’s eyes, is necessarily a political one – i.e. as a position within political struggles.